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Exporting French Products to the USA

Governments around the globe have created import rules and trade tariffs as a way to protect local businesses and employment as well as a way to generate additional income. Even in a world where global commerce and exchange has become the norm, consumers and businesses have to take into account import regulations as they establish partnerships with companies abroad to export goods to other countries. Customs regulations usually apply to a given pair of countries and each country pair has defined a slightly different set of rules. In this article, we will focus on the particular case of the trade between the United States of America and France, which is interesting for many reasons. Many American consumers enjoy French products including French wines, French food or perfume. Likewise, many French people purchase American products such as high-tech accessories, American fashion and even American sweets. Still, both the US government and the French government have established specific rules to regulate imports of French cheese to the US or imports of US beef and corn in the other direction. Click here to get an overview or the rules that govern imports from France. Read More...

FINCIN Shuts BPA BANK, Questions are raised following accountability of Actions

Fincon And the corruption within.

Recently BPA BANK (nestled in the little principality of Andorra) was accused of money laundering which was perceived as so systemic that it was necessary to close the entire bank down affecting all the 70k clients and the 250 employees. If that was not enough their will be a fine to ensure the bank never does any money laundering again. Of course the amount of the fine is directly proportional to the amount of the laundering. You can’t close a bank or fine it excessively for a small amount that’s been discovered as money laundering. That would be absurd, so if you’re in the business of handing out fines, how do you increase the fine to the maximum amount?

Answer: let the bank continue for years unaffected until the amounts become large enough to make such claims!

Allegedly FINCIN has made no claims about money laundering when they first noticed it.  They claim the laundering was done in small batches of $100k over the course of many years. They also claim they have been watching the bank for over 4 years. Read More...

Tax Considerations for Expats Moving To Portugal

As a first time expat in Portugal, one of the biggest shockers you’ll encounter will be the tax system (along with language, culture, and cost of living). Therefore, you will need financial advice from professionals who are conversant with living and investing in Portugal. These professionals will help you structure your income, taxes and other activities in a way that helps you save big time.

One thing you will realize pretty quickly is that the Portuguese tax system is one of the most generous in the EU, which is why this country is rapidly gaining popularity as the expat and retirement destination. For starters, despite the significant increase in the recent past, the Portuguese personal income tax rate is below the average of fellow EU countries. Read More...

Where to store your data for global commerce?

New prospects of data storage for businesses

The industry of information has changed completely over the past twenty years, so much so that any successful executive back in the late nineties basically had to re-learn and re-think everything in order to keep up with the new panorama of digital businesses. Those who managed to do so are now among the richest people in the world, because the digital world allows those savy and lucky enought to make money rain on their heads from one year to the next, and sometimes, even sooner.

The business of data services has changed as well, and with new prospects such as the use of blockchain technology to basically build a para-Internet with its own rules and its own market places, possibilities for exploitation and investments multiply constantly in front of our eyes. The innovations in global software ventures allow first world capital holders to build monstruous empires of money-making while paying hundreds of third world, skilled workers low wages in exchange for their work force. The margins grow wider and wider and these entrepreneurships, many turned into giant companies today, are configuring a close future that is pretty much here already. Read More...

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